ORU Network REVIEW Nick VandenBrekel ORU Marketplace

Published 5 months ago
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ORU Network REVIEW Nick VandenBrekel ORU Marketplace

What is the ORU Network?

ORU Market is an Enterprise Software and Information Technology company that offers one-stop global social sharing, financial and marketing software tools to its members. The company was founded to offer its members and subscribers a wide range of tools to succeed in commerce and life. Basic membership is free to all members while Premium Membership offers enhanced tools and capabilities.

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Through its unique structure, offering its software as a service, ORU seeks to strengthen local communities and build strong social relationships that encourage people to participate in commerce, education, and helping others to succeed in a rapidly evolving smart IT centric environment.

ORUPAY, is a sophisticated global smartphone platform software technology, designed and created by ORU to enable members to make instantaneous payments to other members or merchants from their MYMONEY account through the web and through smartphone devices, without paying any fees or commissions.

The ORUCARD, also known as the ORU Visa® Prepaid Card, software platform is a benefit available to Premium Members which offers great reward back opportunities on purchases made at ORU merchants.

Register, participate, share and get paid. List your products, services or stores and businesses. Create and receive rewards and incentives using ORUS ( ORU Tickets). Market and Advertise your products and services to local and global members. Receive cash incentives each Saturday and use ORUPAY to reward others or to receive rewards instantly. Get your own merchant account for free and use ORU Tickets or MYFUNDS for all your online and store transactions. Participate in the only network that pays a reward back to ORU members through incentive based universal income, in an effort to build sustainable communities and establish strong social relationships.

Use the Premium Membership Protocol Advocacy Program to get paid for sharing ORU with others:http://teammansel.strategicmarketingstrategyarticles.com/